Skateboard Park Waiver

Delicious Skateboard Shop & The Factory Skateboard Park
Release of All Liability and Waiver of Claims
If you are under the age of 18, you must have this notarized if it is not signed by a
parent or legal guardian in the presence of one of our employees before you can
skateboard in our park. In order to participate in events and activities at Delicious
Skateboard Shop & The Factory Skateboard Park, you must print and fill in the waiver found on the link below.


Wood Smith said...

You are right, It is a dangerous sports it is snot for under 18 people, SO It is important for the seller that buyer should be 18+ or with their elder one. You can get an offer of electric Skateboard Hoverboard at best price.

Tonmoy Das said...

That's amazing, thanks for your post.
Skateboarding my favorite holiday activity.

Will Ervin said...

Do I have to water a helmet

Will Ervin said...

Do I have to wear a helmet

Fiik Electric Skateboards said...

You are right and apply the legal and best rule of this events to participate over the age of 18 and also they will be with the parents. Visit on the affordable online store to buy the Best Electric Skateboard of latest technologies.