Birthday Party Info

Yes! We do Birthday Parties! Here is the deal...
Birthday boy or girl skates FREE, and gets a Delicious Skate Shop t-shirt.
$15 per skater (We do not charge for guests that do not skate, scooter, or rollerblade).
Minimum of 5 skates total.
You get the upstairs area to yourself for 1 hour. After the 1 hour is up, you can skate the rest of the park until that session ends with no extra cost!
We can provide an instructor for 1/2 an hour for $30 or $50 for 1 hour. An instructor is great if you have some inexperienced skaters or little ones in the party.
You can rent the upstairs area for longer time if you wish.
We allow outside pizza or cake, but we sell tons of beverages and snacks here, starting at just $1.
We have a table and chairs that we can set up for you and your guests.
Please call our shop and reserve your party today! We look forward to making your next Birthday Party awesome!
(919) 453-1225