About The Factory Skate Park

The Factory Skateboard Park offers 25,000 Square Feet of skateable space. The Factory Skateboard Park includes an Outdoor Concrete park that features a wide variety of obsicles including Manual Pads, Ledges, A Snake Run and Bowl.
The Indoor Skate area includes two separate areas, one for advance skaters and and one with the beginners and smaller skaters in mind. The Downstairs area, built with advanced skaters in mind includes a bank, pyramid, 6' and 9' ramps, a 7 set stair with a handrail and hubba. The Upstairs area, built with beginner skaters in mind includes a 3’ banks and Quarters, a 3 set, manual pad and ledges.

Session Hours *updated*

Mon-Thurs. 10am-8pm $8 (after 6pm $3)
Fri-Sat 10am-9pm $15 (after 6pm $5)
Sun12pm-6pm $8 
Unlimited Membership (any age) $300 BEST VALUE! 
That breaks down to .82 a day!
Plus 20% off select merchandise

We offer skate lessons for any skill level.
One on one or group
$30 for 1/2 and hour
$50 for 1 hour

Have your next birthday party with us!
$15 per skater, birthday boy or girl skates for free!
Get the upstairs skating area for 1 hour
Bring your own cake or pizza!
Add an instructor for the same price as a lesson!
Call with any questions or to schedule your next party!
(919) 453-1225